C200 Raw + Proxy Workflow in Adobe Premiere

I have finally done it, I started a Youtube Channel.

I plan on using this channel to share knowledge about photography and filmmaking, but mainly to force myself out of my comfort zone. Talking to the camera and editing your own speaking is very uncomfortable. But I am extremely excited to try something brand new out.

This video focuses on the Canon EOS C200 workflow, specifically using RAW video files and linking them to proxy files. After the spring 2018 update, the C200 can now internally create proxy files by writing them to the SD card. The CFAST slot can only be used to write RAW files, same as it has always been, previously though the SD slot could only write MP4 files but now XAVC format has been added. In addition to this, a subrecord option has been added which allows for simultaneous recording to both the CFAST and SD slots writing RAW and XAVC respectively.

The big thing that unlocks the proxy workflow though is the new naming convention that matches the two files up, with the addition of "_P" at the end of the proxy filename. What I cover in the video is the need to add "roxy" to the end of those proxy filenames otherwise Adobe Premiere will not allow you to batch attach proxies. The resulting filename will read "xxx_Proxy.MXF" and attach properly when using Adobe's proxy system.

The advantage to all this is the ability to edit very quickly using these smaller and more efficient proxy files over the very heavy Canon Raw Light files.

Please go over to the channel and subscribe and let me know your thoughts.