October 7, 2018: Seagulls swarm the upper deck seating area immediately following the Seattle Seahawks game against the Los Angeles Rams at Centurylink Field.
 Team equipment personnel prepare shoulder pads with each player's jersey in preparation for the team's road trip to London, England.
 Duane Brown #76 of the Seattle Seahawks speaks with local Seattle media before the team prepares to fly to London, England for their game against the Oakland Raiders.
 Passports for each player are setup on a table with each corresponding boarding pass to ensure nothing is forgotten or mishandled. Team staff had to facilitate passport applications for many players that did not have a passport before the season.
 A suitcase bearing the Disney character Mickey Mouse is rolled by a player as he heads to the buses for their trip to London.
 Seattle Seahawks players board their chartered flight to London, England after dark on the tarmac at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport.
 Seattle Seahawks players sleep in first class seating during the chartered flight to London, England to face off against the Oakland Raiders.
 Head coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks speaks at a press conference on the grounds of the team's hotel. The team's large presence can be felt with security, buses and use of most buildings, including this potting shed.
 A team bus can be seen through rain on another's windshield as the team makes its way to a team event on their first night in London.
 Doug Baldwin #89 (L) jokes with Jaron Brown #18 (R) of the Seattle Seahawks as the two play top golf as part of a team scheduled event on the night of their arrival in England. Players had events scheduled and curfews in place to ensure they were rested and ready for the game on Sunday.
 Football equipment is piled up outside the Seattle Seahawks' temporary locker room facility at their hotel in England.
 General view of the Seattle Seahawks practice field on the grounds of their hotel property in England.
 Members of the Seattle Seahawks make their way through tunnels in London's Underground system on their way to downtown London.
 Jake Martin #59 of the Seattle Seahawks uses his phone to document the streets of London as he exits the Underground.
 Lavon Coleman #44 of the Seattle Seahawks waits on the sidewalk for teammates as Londoners pass by on a busy street.
 George Fant #74 of the Seattle Seahawks puts in headphones between team scheduled events while sitting in the lobby of the team's hotel in London, England. Players enjoyed luxury accommodations in the British countryside for the days prior to the team's matchup in England.
 A hotel staff member is refracted through a decorative lens outside of the Seattle Seahawks' hotel in London, England. Staff members and security littered the inside and outside of the hotel throughout the team's stay.
 (L to R) Pete Carroll, Shaquem Griffin, Shaquill Griffin, Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson autograph items for a fan event inside the team's England hotel. Players and coaches participated in special events throughout the team's trip to England.
 D.J. Fluker #78 of the Seattle Seahawks plays Madden '19 on a team provided Playstation 4 in the hotel's player lounge just a few hours before the team's game. Fluker plays the game regularly and likes playing it before a game to take his mind off football.
 Bobby Wagner #54 of the Seattle Seahawks autographs a fan's copy of his jersey before the game against the Oakland Raiders at Wembley Stadium. The game between the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks is one of three the NFL is hosting in London, England.
 Pyrotechnics explode behind pregame celebrations before the game between the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks.
  General view of Wembley Stadium in London, England as the country's anthem is performed before the game between the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks.
 Shaquill Griffin #26 and Shaquem Griffin #49 of the Seattle Seahawks laugh with each other on the sideline during the game against the Oakland Raiders at Wembley Stadium in London, England.
 Neiko Thorpe #23 of the Seattle Seahawks laughs with Dwayne Harris #17 of the Oakland Raiders after the game between the two teams in London, England.
 Members of the media circle around Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks following the team's win over the Oakland Raiders.
 Lavon Coleman #44 of the Seattle Seahawks collects airline pillows and blankets to construct a makeshift bed at the start of the team's overnight flight home from London, England to Seattle, Washington. Players were all in high spirits while also ready to rest after a long trip across the Atlantic Ocean to face the Oakland Raiders.
 Seattle Seahawks walk with their luggage to their cars after their overnight flight from London, England. The team often arrives in the early hours of Monday following night road games, however never with a flight as long as the one from London.
 A twelves flag hangs outside the team’s facility, the joy of the win was short lived as the team’s owner passed away later that same day.
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